Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Busy Busy Busy

The past few weeks have been massively busy!
I had a visit from my dad and friend Julia. It was fun to show Julia around Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Stirling. Finally got to show someone from Philadelphia just why I love Scotland so much.

After their exciting visits it was on to training for BUCS (British University and College Sports) Orienteering Championships. This included two trips down to the meadow bank stadium for some track intervals. I hadn't been on a track in a long time so it was nice to feel a bit of speed again. The two sessions where 6x300 and 4x200 (3sets).
Then for some technical training I made my way to Edinburgh Unis gym to get a lift to FVO's Wednesday night event at Barr Wood. This was an experience to say the least! We got lost finding the start and nervously watched the head lamps dance around the hill as Toni pelted down side roads in search for the carpark. We eventually made it 30 minutes late but with enough time for me to go around one of the 3 loops. It started off as a chilly but nice evening with an almost full moon to aid in seeing. Then after getting to about the 2nd control it started to lightly snow and slowly picking up. I had some very good controls but by the end my concentration was lacking and my left foot was screaming "warm me up, you can't feel me!"
To then get a last technical session in I headed over to Arthur's Seat where EUOC's Jack had planed Fight with the Night. In order to get there I decided to take the bus, which if you live in Edinburgh know that the Trams have really delayed things. It was a 5 hour trip out but totally worth it! I was just feeling good on the course, things were popping up just where I was expecting them, and I worked hard on always having a plan. It was one of those nights that reminds you just why you love orienteering. You can find my map on my DOMA

Along with training for BUCS I had two other races on. Heriot-Watt's Athletics Club puts on an annual 5km run around campus as our main fundraiser. So on March 11th we had ~43 people take on our road/trail course. Being in the club and earning the title of Vice President next year I was there to help out. I learned how to set up the whole course the saturday before, and then marshaled during the race. It was a descent turn out for being the day after Edinburgh University's Athletics race. Next year though expect it to be even better! and we hope more people will come and support us.

The last exciting race I have taken part in was last Wednesday was Varsity, which is a sporting competition between Heriot-Watt, Edinburgh Uni, Queen Margret Uni, and Napier Uni. This was the first year athletics was involved in the form of a 5km race. There was a fierce battle between Edinburgh and Heriot-Watt. It was a 1 mile loop run 3 times and it was my first 5km race in over 2 years, but more importantly my first time wearing Heriot-Watt colors. I was nervous at the start but things settled down once the race started. I tucked in behind an Edinburgh girl and just felt out the first lap. It was extremely windy in sections, and calm in others. By the second lap I decided to up the pace and passed the Edinburgh girl. She however tucked in behind me and on the end of the third lap passed me out. I ended up placing 5th with a time of 23:20 for 5.25km. A bit slower than I was hoping for but pleased none the less. Edinburgh Uni ended up winning 50-70 but Heriot-Watt has a much smaller team so we were pleased with how close it was, and we are ready to kick their butts next year!

Next Up BUCS!

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