Sunday, February 7, 2010

Aspiring Champions

So it is 2010 and time for a new year of training! With the new year my mom found this place called Aspiring Champions out at king of prussa. It is a pretty cool place! Founded and run by TWO time Olympian Antonio Davis (he went to both the Atlanta and Sidney olympics for track) in order to train young athletes who want to be the best of the best. At first I was a bit worried about it and whether I was actually good enough to be there. I have now gone to two classes and I will say they have kicked my butt!! I'm still hurting from Tuesdays class and just had my first Friday class. The workouts are around two hours for the premiere level (the highest level and the one I'm in). We have done a lot of agility and sprinting stuff so far In the two classes. The trainers are hard but I think that is a good thing! It is nice also to be training with other teens who are serious about getting good. So we shale see how I'm doing at the end of may! I sure am excited I really so want to kick butt at JWOC this year!!!!

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