Saturday, February 6, 2010

Orienteering update!

So haven't posted an update in a while. A lot has happened as well. Where to begin is the question. Well we had a wonderful US championship in Wisconsin. It was very technical terrain with big crators and hard to relocate if you got lost. It was a place where the winner was the one who just messed up the least. I had a pretty good run after I got past the first two controls and got into the map. I have to say you get spoiled in international competitions when you get a warm up map inorder to get into the map before you even are on the clock.
I enjoyed this course a lot! You had to always be paying attention and focused. And although I felt slow my time wasn't horrible. I had a good enough run that I actually won the f- 20 age category!! That was a great feeling. I finally feel like I'm getting to really navigate at speed and more confident in my navigational skills. Also having so many of the senior team members saying well done and see they were impressed was awesome. A real confidance booster!
Next big thing has been my battle with Angelica in the DVOA rankings. We are less than 1.5 points apart from eachother. Each meet we both have been racing hard so the other one doesn't beat us. One event I got her by 12 seconds! And then funny thing is I didn't feel like I was having a good run. Then the next week at the mid Atlantic champs she got me by 5 seconds!!! Closing the gap. So one more event of the year with 1.3ish points between us. We shale see what happens...
Next exciting thing was at the mid Atlantic champs DVOA put together a killer junior relay team. Sam lead off putting us into 5th after the first leg. I was next. I was able to catch the second place runner by control one and just held on to the 1 and 2 runners for the rest of the loop. I then handed off to greg who brought it home! We won by 30 seconds but a win!!! So proud of my team :)
So one more local event of the year.

Wrote awhile ago i thought I posted but guess I did not. Ops!

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