Friday, July 9, 2010

Flight over the pond

Well my flight to Europe was delayed 2 hours from leaving philly. This meant not only did I sit on the plane for and extra 1.5 hours on to the 7+ it took to get there I was going to miss my conectiong flight in frankford. I knew things were going to well when everything fit magically into my pack without too much problems and my backpack was super light. I swear I've forgotten something big, but cannot figure out what :/ oh well I hope everything turns out alright if I have haha.

Watched two movies on the plane, Dear John and When In Rome. I tried to sleep but that was hard when all cramped up and too excited about going to Europe.

8:40 (Danish time on the 25th)
So we got in around 7:30, flight was supposed to board at 7:15 and leave at 7:45. No way to make that. So was given a new gate and that was it when I got off. Well turns out I had to go through customs which took ages and then security again! At security right before I was about to go through I remembered I had filled my nalgen up in Philly and then drank very little of it, so I had to chug a whole nalgen there or lose it. Of course I chuged it! I can't lose Nalgita!!! Thankfully I was pretty thirsty. Then got through and the metal detector went off so had to get searched. Guess what it was?! My Jeans button!!! Oh boy! Then i had to find my gate in this huge airport. So finally sitting at the gate with my ticket rebooked, pack sent through, and nagita still with me, so all is well. Oh well apart from the fact that my host family has no idea probably that I missed my flight. I feel so bad! But nothing I can do I guess.

Finally in the air on the way to Copenhagen!!! Sitting next to a cool girl on the plan from the states. She just spent two weeks around Europe and flying home today. So sharing stories and such which is making this flight so much better! I really hope I can find my pack and the family fast when I get there. Oh well nothing I can do about being late now. Hopefully meeting up with holly also works out alright and Andrea.

Well finally made it! Found pack and Annette just fine as well :)

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