Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WUOC 2012 - Opening Ceremony

Getting to represent the USA for the 5th time at a World Championship! This is my second WUOC and I'm looking forward to making the USA and Heriot-Watt Proud!

Us with one of the Swiss girls at the opening
 There are 5 of us on the WUOC team this year, Myself, John Hensley Williams, McKenzie Hudgins, Keith Andersen, and Charles Whitaker. The other four are from West Point, so I am the solo non-army representative just to keep some balance :p There has already been a lot of banter between us!
Yesterday was the Opening Ceremony to kick off the competition. We were lead to a public park not far from the hotel and lined up. We picked Keith to carry the flag since he is the eldest and is doing a great job at being both a competitor and our team leader. We were filled into an Open-air Theater to enjoy the welcoming speeches promises by the athletes and judges to abide by the rule, and a performance. The performance consisted of a dance routine with fire and ribbon dancers. At first I  found the performance a bit odd but once it started to build, it was actually quite cool! The only thing I didn't enjoy was sitting in the direct sun for the whole of it and having a hole in my tummy from not having dinner before. It was a late night because of that since we had to have dinner after the ceremony. 

Bring on the races! First up the Long!

Please don't forget about my Chip-in! Being a student means limited funds sadly :(

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