Saturday, July 6, 2013

Training and Model events

Started training as soon as I could to start getting used to maps here.
The first map that I ran on was a sprint map of Kajanni which is a town down the road from the event centre. I got a map off Ali/Alex
Wyatt came with me and really set up the start bit for me, giving me control descriptions first then a minute later the map as my start and having me stand a bit away to the start like the real race. This was a really fun sprint. The plan was to take the first part just under race pace to see what things were tripping me up and then ease off towards the end. Not sure I really eased off that much as was enjoying myself :)

I didn't really notice the route kinda backwards out of 1 until most of the way to 2 but thing I managed to just pick fast enough. However still think it was better going backwards out of the control so that is something I'm not going to remember to think about. Another thing was 3 I actually didn't go to the right wall corner. So on your descriptions there are many different columns to them. Here is a great breakdown of them from IOF:
And I noticed that on this sprint I wasn't really using the "G" column enough, the "location of the control flag". I had looked at it and saw it was the wall inner corner NW. However having my map reading it going south it matched up the control code and had there been a control there it would have been a "SH*T" moment. So will be studying these a bit more with the map in different orientations I think.

Some other things I had a little trouble with was a route from 5 to 6. I went left but after talking to wyatt I do think right is better now. As you would go through less of the woods which in this area was actually quite crappy! Which I also found out going to 7 and manage to actually over run as didn't really notice the clearing very well.

Most of the other controls went well and only had small bobbles when a fence was closed that I didn't realise was the opening I wanted and then an underpass was actually a closed on driveway. But it was cool to run around and even like go out to the little island with people picnicking and no one gave you weird looks! Everyone was pretty like oh yeah this is normal.

Local Event: Wyatt and I then drove to a local event to get some terrain running in. It was on a map called matinmakj-lentokentta and I decided to run the short 3.6ish course.
I had a bit of issues with the first control as didn't think I climbed as much as I had and then must not have gone far enough as hit a white patch which i thought was the one on the edge of the controls circle and it wasn't :/ Had to reattach from the trail. I realised that many of these controls could have been found going around on trails but decided to go straight as possible to figure out how things were mapped. only really had other issues with 7 as must have come out of the control lower than i thought and got caught up in the green stuff next to the trail. But overall was a fun course! However, goodness did you NOT want to hang around for too long not moving or the killer flies would start biting you!

Middle Model (July 5th)
Brenden, Cristina and I went to the middle model to check out that terrain. I'm not actually running the middle however it is the same terrain as the Relay which I hope to make the team for.
I had Cristina plan me a course with the controls out in the woods and went out for just under an hour. The first control I ended up taking quite slow as I hit about 3 different type of vegetation on that leg. Figured out that the rough open (yellow with white dots) was very much like felled ground in scotland so slow but not bad to get over, The rides weren't always obvious and that the green wasn't too bad but had tall grass/flowers/nettles in it so slow going along with lower viability. Ended up hitting the cliff south of the one I wanted but relocated quite quickly after pottering about looking at things. Then to control 2 I again tested things. Either through the green and have to really be strong with your compass as can't really see, or cut north a bit to the green slash were one can see but slow going. I think avoiding green slash is the way to go! Many places to catch your ankles in that stuff! The rest of the controls went well and liked how things were mapped. I also got to have Thierry Gueorgiou pass me on the way to 258. It was nice to see even him kinda come back at it but he just flew through the woods just jogging and making it look super easy! I'm hoping I get to do at least a spectator race in the woods!

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