Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WOC Long Quali

Well I can now say I've been to a WOC race! It was fun to watch but actually not as big a thing as I was thinking it would be. However, It was only a qualification so that is probably why. The big dogs were taking it easy knowing they were going to qualify so just running to make sure that happens and the rest... running flat out trying to have clean runs hoping to make the cut off!

It was fun to be able to cheer for many countries today and have loads of friends and teammates running! The USA did quite well having strong runs and Ali making the final. Ireland were loud and cheery as normal with many of them also having strong runs, with Nick making the final and Neil just on the cut off but not quite making it. Then came the excitement of watching/hearing that Cat Taylor from GB had caught Minna Kauppi by the 3 mins that had separated them at the start. It was a nail biting and adrenaline rushing time waiting for them to finish. But Cat managed to hold on to the lead and came back to win the heat! Very exciting! Was cool to have all the GPS tracking to watch and video footage from the forest. Made me really want to get out on the long terrain it looks amazing! 
Here is a video from the car drive there which kinda gives you a taste as to what it is like: 

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