Monday, June 29, 2009


Got to the airport and waited through a long line to check in. After said good bye to my wonderful parents and made my way through security. Once through got to the gate and met up with Greg, Nate, John G, and a surprize Jeff from the Canadian team.
It was a very long flight over. I got to sit next to Nate which was nice since i finally got to know him a bit better (he is a bit shy). We watched a movie and attempted to sleep. Greg sat a few rows ahead of us and was chatting away with an Italian guy in half spanish half english.
Once we arrived at the airport we got through customs and got our bags very quickly. We were hoping it would take a bit longer since we had a long time to wait. Once out we found one of the Canadian girls and sat around in the airport for a LONG time. Slowly people started joining us. We played cards and talked so it wasnt so bad. We also got everyone to sign a birthday card for Kelsey since it was her birthday. I made her an orienteering card with happy birthday written in conturs. WE gave it to her at dinner and sang. She had a candle that we stuck into a piece of bread!
Finally everyone was here and we got on the bus. It was a long and exciting ride to the place where we are staying. Big buses on small roads in amazing!
Once there we settled in. WE had a flag war to see who could put up the most flags. The girls totally won and the guys were jealous so started stealing them. The girls also did circuit, which was a blast! We did it listening to last years JWOC mix and laughing a ton!
We are now in the main town. We just did food shoping and had some time to look around. There are a ton of JWOC banners all over the place which is awesome!!! we are in the library writing this. This afternoon we get to go out on our first training!!!! I cant wait!!!!

(The keyboards here are different! Had a hard time finding the @ button haha)


  1. Thanks for the update, Alison. I like your blog. Perhaps you can tell Nate about using computers in libraries. He has lived a sheltered life and only uses computers at home ;-).

    Have fun this week!

  2. Al, glad you got there safe. Did you manage to get a phone? How big is the town? It can't be that small as when I entered it into the weather on my iTouch it popped up as an option when I'd only typed in the first part. Interested toi hear about the weather in case I need to make any last minute changes to my packing. Look forward to hearing about the training. See you soon

  3. hi Alison. glad you made it safe. Dad didn't even tell me you wrote. He will be in hot water.
    Sounds like you are settling in and having a blast. thats great! I'm still watching tennis and going to work.Ellie is being a barking pain.
    Take care of yourself,be safe, eat well, run hard! ( i ran over 5 miles yesterday, your an inspiration)
    love ya

  4. Sounds like just the beginning of an adventure! Glad to hear that everything's going smoothly and that you look forward to training in the area! I checked out the JWOC website, and it looks like the town should be quite decked-out with JWOC goodness. Very cool.

    I hope to do a 15-mile run soonish. I'm going to try to get Mrs. Campbell to join me in lieu of an Alison...

  5. Hi Alison, I LOVE your blog, this is so coooool! I will be checking in every day to see the news (its much more fun than CNN). Good luck with the training, hope the hills aren't too grueling. Lots of love, philippa

  6. "Alison, I'm sure you don't remember me but I"m your mom's friend, Lil, from
    Michigan. When you were about 3 or 4,you set up an orienteering course for me
    to do in your back yard. You were a natural at it even as a wee one. I am so
    proud of you!!!!"

  7. hi Alison, You sure are getting loads of messages.
    here's my running update.
    I ran 6 miles on the treads just watching Andy Murray finish his set. He took so long.
    we heard from Heather, she is doing fine and will be home on sunday.
    Dad is very excited about coming over.

    missing you, keep safe, eat well, and please get some sleep. hope you are running well. xoxoxmom

  8. Hey, Al, Glad to hear my kids all got there. I've been thinking about all of you. Daniela called me Sunday night because she didn't know where Gabe was and she was upset. I reassured her that Gabe was fine and that I was not worried one bit. He didn't follow my instructions to go to the airport, so he was on his own. Hope that the team is doing well. How is practice going? No problems, I hope. I'm sure that I will hear if there is any. Tell everyone I said hi and that they better be working hard and playing easy. Has the team started a blog yet?? I hope that Boris will do one again this year. Take care and have fun!
    your orienteeringmom

  9. Hi Al, Dad leaves today he is very excited. The weather here is still very weird for summer. Hope you are playing hard and learning a lot. How are you doing with all the different languages?

    Be safe, eat healthy and get some sleep. xoxoxo mom

  10. Hi Alison,
    What a great way to keep in touch. Good luck with your races. Was the Canadian Girl you met in the airport Angela? Her Mom would like to know. We haven't heard from her since she left Denmark and we think she might be in Italy now ;-)
    Bryan (and angela's Mom)

  11. @Bryan yes it was Angela! she is here nice and safe! everyone is doing well!!! Lee and Colin also got here on wednesday.

    @Bones: ill try to get Nate to use the internet :)

    @Mom: well done with the running keep it up!