Saturday, June 27, 2009

I'm On My Way...

Well everything is finally packed and ready to go! ...After about 3 tries. My pack seems like it is bigger than me haha. Hopefully I have not forgotten anything.
I'm getting very excited and there are little butterflies floating in my stomach. I still can't really believe that I have made the USA JWOC team and i'm off to JWOC!!! I guess it will start to set in when I'm at the airport. Can't wait to meet up with the rest of my team! I get to fly over with 3 of our guys; Greg Alhswede, Nate Lyons, and John Goodwin. So off to the airport now to meet up with them.



  1. have a safe flight. I thought i could handle taking you to the airport, but I still cried. Every time you leave I get a big hole in my heart.

    I am so happy you are having this experience. Be in the moment and enjoy it all. you worked very hard and you are so ready for this. you can do it.

    miss you, love you,mom

  2. Excellent blog, Alison. Good luck in Italy. And most of all, have fun!!