Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pre European Adventure

I'm getting ready right now for a big European adventure. I leave this Saturday for Italy to start it off!
In Italy I will be racing for the United States on our Junior Orienteering team in the Junior World Orienteering Championship (JWOC). This year JWOC is in Fiera di Primiro.

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There is a link to the official JWOC website to the right for more information, and results. We have a week of training though before the competition. It is going to be very hilly terrain, but I have heard very runnable. I'm greatly looking forward to JWOC! It has been my goal for a while to make the USA JWOC team.
After JWOC I'm off sightseeing with my friends Emily and Eric from the Canadian team, before flying to see my cousin in England. There I will be job shadowing him. He works with alternative energy which is the field I want to go into. From there I go up to visit my Grandmother in Scotland.
Once in Scotland I have time to see family and then I'm competing in the Scottish 6-days (link is also to the right). I will be racing for the first 4 days of competition. I'm looking forward to it since it was such a blast two years ago! I get to see all of my British orienteering friends as well. I have to miss the last two days though to go to a conference in Denmark.
The Franklin Institute has nominated me for the Bright Green Youth conference in S√łnderborg, Denmark.

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There are 500 students partaking in this conference from all over the world. I'm greatly looking forward to meeting so many people with the same passion as I have. The link to the conference website is to the right.

Sounds like a busy summer to me! And let me tell you it is hard to pack for all of this. Packing take 2 must happen today!

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