Saturday, August 9, 2014

Traveling to WUOC 2014

Well it was actually a really nice and easy trip to WUOC! It only involved a Plane, Bus, Train and car all which went like clockwork. No epic adventures like getting to WOC last year with 3 flights having to get changed because of a cancellation.

However the challenge this time around was packing everything for carry-on with Ryanair and Aer lingus. Which actually really shouldn't have been an issue because my uniform is with the team since I haven't been in the states so really only needed shoes and compass. The issue was then not packing too much so that I can fit everything coming back again! Oh and Gels/Liquids! When you want 3gels for racing (probably overkill but they are coming) Plus showergel ect. It is quite hard to fit everything in the zip lock bag #AthleteProblems haha.

It did all fit... JUST!
Got to Dublin airport with LOADS of time so decided a coffee was in order and then got a chance to sit in the really cool new chairs they put in the waiting lounge for when your waiting for your gate number. They are circles! and soft and just rather comfy and normally ALWAYS taken! So took my chance during a middle of the day flight to try them out. I approve! Although possible not as much as the guy in the grey one next to me totally passed out, bet it made for a good nap but I personally would be afraid of missing my plane!
Plane to Prague!

Enjoy my coffee and repping the HWU hoodie

 Got to Prague no bother and enjoyed doing some last minute reading about the competition and writing out some things to expect for each race. I'm going to try very hard this week to have a list of things to expect from the race and what tools I believe would be good for battling challenges or just getting through the course. I'm hoping this will help me focus a little bit better before each race on something specific that I can control and that it will get my head in the game a bit faster. So having this time on the plan to start these lists was extremely helpful! Although I'm sure I should have done it sooner when looking at maps, But the news articles were also really helpful! 
With step one of landing in Prague complete it was on to step two: Finding the WUOC guide to get tickets for the rest of the journey. That was really rather easy and he accompanied me right up to the bus stop and helped me get on the right bus, Super helpful. I even got a little map drawn for me of a good place to eat in the train station because I was going to miss dinner.
The Prague train station - well the old part of it - was really nice! Stain glass windows and everything. Then the train arrived and it was a kinda modern version of the older trains with the seat compartments. Reminded me a little bit of the train from Anastasia
On the train.


Made it to the Event Center and accommodation then at around 10pm as it was quite a long train ride (around 2.5hrs). Apparently though Ian our team leader had been getting quite worried as to where I was because he thought I was getting in at 1:30pm. Ops! That's when I left Dublin. But went and said hello and panic over. Most of the team was asleep before I arrived, But I opened my room door and much to my happiness I found Tori Borish! YAY roommate! So we had a nice chat to catch up before I attempted to fall asleep. The room is student accommodation and it was really hot last night despite having the window partly open :/ There is also no internet in the rooms so down in the reception now to use the WiFi. Hopefully it will still be this easy to get internet to keep posting!

Another thing that I finally got was my shinny new kit! Having ordered it in the spring and only just got it I almost forgot what I had ordered haha. It is VERY red, white and blue/ stars and stripes! And sadly the bottoms are a bit tight, maybe I am no longer and XS :( Or I've just gained calve muscle from all my hill racing this summer? Yeah I'll go with that!

(Hopefully) Coming up: Middle and Relay training/thoughts

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