Thursday, August 14, 2014

WUOC 2014: Sprint Preview



This afternoon is the WUOC Sprint distance event. 
The event starts at 15:00pm Czech Time so 14:00 irish/UK time and 9am east coast time.
The venue is the village of Svaty Kopecek which is 12km from the event center in Olomouc. And the terrain consists of partly urban in the small town and then partly park forest with the addition of the Olomouc Zoo! The zoo makes things a little bit more interesting as there are some tricky places around inclosuers and also a small train that runs around the zoo that is not going to be stopped during the race and has priority. Hope I don't hit it! Also we are thinking one of the normally closed fences must be getting opened for us as it was said "Allowed crossing points through the fence are highlighted by ISSOM symbol 708." in the final details. So should be interesting!

 The women have 2.03km, 115m of climb and 13 controls. The expected winning time is 14mins. 
The men have 2.54km, 122m of Climb and 17 controls. The expected winning time is 15mins.

There is no arena passage either but we are ending in front of the main church of the village:

I am the 5th starter for the women at 15:35:30, which means I think I'll have some nettle crushing to do. Full leg cover is going to be needed. 

The rest of the USA starting times are: 
Charles 15:51:00
Hans 16:01:00
McKenzie 16:01:30
Tori 16:30:30
Jacob 16:33:00
James 17:13:00 

Here is the old map of the area as well for an idea of what we are racing in. The Quarentine is in a field off to the south east corner of the zoo

 There is also a Preview Video that some of the Organizing volunteer students made for us that can be found here:

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