Tuesday, August 12, 2014

WUOC 2014: Sprint Relay Trial Race

The Sunday afternoon of WUOC consisted of a test Sprint Relay race. This is a new distance for WUOC that got added this year to keep the championship that same as the WOC format. The Sprint Relay involves a 4 person-mixed team running a forked sprint course. At WUOC the format is female-male-famale-male. The course today was around 2km, with an expected winning time of 8-10mins per leg. We entered one official team who ended up placing 15th with a time of 41:23 only 5:31 off the winner. Running order was Tori Borish, Jacob Grant, Me :) , Charles Whitaker. Full results found HERE. Most teams however were using this as a learning experience as many of us have not run a sprint relay before. Also quite a few teams had not arrived to the event in time from traveling to the Czech Republic, so the real race I think will be very different with more top teams in a pack and running full speed. So excited!

Leg 3
Tori had a great race on first Leg coming in with a pack. Sounds like she had a clean run but was getting pushed about at the controls with everyone wanting to punch the one SI box. So sounds like elbows out in places! Then Jacob ran a nice second leg, with what also sounds like a fairly clean run handing off to me with a few people not super far behind a pack. I had not the best race but I think I had prepared myself for it to be more complicated than it was and not prepared for the scale :/ Bobbled the first control not going far enough but quickly hit the closer control not my number, looked up and saw mine straight ahead. Almost over ran control 2 as wasn't thinking it was going to be next to a bench and didn't see the trail straight away. Most of the other controls were straight forward I just wasn't running all that fast. Also thinking I had the longer forking compared to some of the girls around me, although only about 4 controls were actually forked which surprised me. Handed off to Charles and he had a solid result to round of the race.

This is also going to be our official team for the WUOC sprint relay. So it was nice to practice running as a team as well. I think we all can have strong runs and do quite well for us. 
Team warm up :)

We learnt a lot and are excited for the real sprint relay on Tuesday.

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