Friday, July 3, 2009

A day in Venice! (wed. July 1st)

We had to get up at around 4am!!!! the bus left at 4:30. We then had a nice long drive down to just outside of Venice. I attempted to read my book but fell asleep. We then took the train into Venice and then a Boat to San Marco square. It was a nice and sunny day which was great. I could not stop taking photos of everything (i hope some of them are actually any good). All the little streets and everything were so cool!
At San Marco square we walked around for a little bit, but headed right into the palace for a tour. We did a "secrets of the palace" tour which was cool and we got to see many of the small rooms where most of the work went on and it was guided. Then we went off on our own and saw the rest and the prisons. It was a very grand place!!!
After we walked and sat down next to a canal to eat our lunch. Some gondalas came and was singing. I got blown a kiss :) Then we had about 6 hrs were we could just walk around. I walked with John G, Jeff, Nate, and Andrew (for a bit then he went off). We walked ALL OVER!!!! I think i saw almost everything in Venice to see haha. We went and saw the famous bridge with the shops on it, all the little streets and all the way down to the park. It was a grand andventure. We got more gelato and just took it easy. I also got some red flowers for the USA girls hair!
We decided to take the train back an hour early since our feet hurt and we wanted to get on the internet. We had an all you could eat buffet which wasn't as good as we hoped it would be.
Then a nice long bus ride back. When we got back though the USA girls surprized the Candaians. We had made a cake for them for Canada day! We made it in the shape of Canada and sprinkles in the shape of the flag. We were quite proud of our selves :)

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