Thursday, July 9, 2009

Middle Qualification

So today i had to get up at 6am in order to get ready for my 7:15 bus to the start. I got to the start and it was quite cold. Got ready and ran the warm up contorls. I was feeling good but it was slow. I was the 3rd wave of girls to go out and i ran the number 3 heat. (there are 3 different heats and the top 20 in each go on to the A final then the next 20 to the B and the last to the C) It was a long run to the start control from when you get your map so planned the first big part of my course. The course went quite well i only bobbled a few controls i was just SUPER slow!!! It was hard to move with the tall grass, nettles, and rocks. You couldn't see where you were stepping and i did a lot of face planting. I messed up 8 and 11 but other than that it was very clean. I could have run faster because i wasn't tired but i couldn't get over things fast enough without falling or slipping. I actually didn't think i had gone as slow as i did, but oh well :/ I made the B final but that isn't very hard for the girls. I did seam to have a better race than Tori, Kelsey, and Anna. Anna's knee is bugging her though so i don't think she will run tomorrow sadly. That might mean i get to run on the official relay team though :)
So over all i'm happy with my races and feeling good about this JWOC. I really want to improve for next year though! Lots of training to do!!!!! Middle Final tomorrow!


  1. hi Al,
    sounds like such a wonderful trip. And your doing so well. I think the running is catching up with you. Your sound tired. So try looking at the food your eating. Maybe a few more small meals during the day. and lots of water.

    Everyone is so proud of you. keep going you can do it. Rest, refuel and relax..... the rejoice!!!! love ya mom

  2. Alison, this is such an incredible experience, and will really build your orienteering skills (and fitness!). I love getting your reports in almost real time! I am so proud of you.


  3. Am I reading correctly that you were top American woman in JWOC in both the Long & Middle now? My goodness you are having a great week! I sure hope they put you into the Relay, you certainly have earned it if any switching is allowed at this point!

  4. Way to go, Allison - you have definitely peaked at the right time. Please share some thoughts on how to do this with next year's JWOC ladies, as you'll be a seasoned veteran of international competition by then. Great runs, I'm really excited for you!

  5. Congratulation Alison on a Great first JWOC! You did a fantastic job for a newbie, one of the best in my memory!. It is all over now but the partying and I'm sure you and the rest of the team are having a blast as I type! Mom and Dad are surely very proud of you and Dad was there to share it with you. Have a great rest of the summer aboard and we have a date for me to hear all about it when you get back to DVOA land.

    Best Wishes your orienteeringmom!

  6. great job Alison glad to see you are already preparing for next year. The future is all yours. love you and miss you. the stay at home mom.