Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Two down, three to go!

So i have just finished the long race for JWOC. The sprint was yesterday
So the sprint. I was an early starter and started with one of the Italian guys so the start went crazy for him haha. I had a pretty clean run! maybe 1:40mins worth of error. i bobbled 4, messed up 15 which was the road crossing. I came down the wrong stairs, they pushed me to cross, then i had to cross back over to punch, and then go on to the last control. Then i messed up 17 a little bit but not horrible. I was feeling really strong which was good! Ended up about 95th place which im happy about. Tori made top 50!!!! GO TORI!!
The long was today. I was a little nervouse about this race :/ I went out in the middle of the field. I was slow to the first few controls and then i met up with two girls on the last bit to 4. I stayed with them up until about control 9ish and we agained other girls as well. Then the thunder and lightning started as i passed through the spectator control/coaches zone. The last loop was slow and i lost the pack. It was very muddly. I finished the course in about 1 hr and 15 mins and some seconds. Feeling very good about it! Although not sure totally how i got to some controls. I think iàm 57th right now.
Ahhh internet about to run out i guess that is all for now. Rest day tomorrow!


  1. Great job Alison! Two very nice races and the run in the long is very impressive in tought conditions. Way to go!


  2. Great races. Impressive on the long in the rough conditions. Get prepared for the middle.

    Dan Barker

  3. Congrats and good luck in your next races!

  4. Congratulations Alison. Two great runs. I've been spending way too much time tracking results instead of working!! Thanks for posting.

  5. Congratulations Alison. Keep it up.

  6. Great Job Alison! Your first JWOC is going well and I'm sure you are having a great time. I think about all of you all day while working and I rush home after work to check the results and see how you all did. So far I have been very pleased with what I find. Also I'v been thinking about all the fun we were having together this time last year. Enjoy the rest of JWOC and your summer . See you back here late summer.


  7. Well done, you're doing really well! Keep it up :)

    Peter xxx

  8. Great job Alison, keep strong!
    love Philippa