Friday, July 3, 2009

fri 3rd

At the JWOC internet point right now. People are playing ping pong and such. We did relay training today.

oh no about to lose internet will finish later ciao!


  1. Thanks for all the updates; it's great fun to follow along your adventures.

  2. lovely to hear all your adventures. I am glad yu enjoyed venice,it is an interesting place. bobby ed and i are watvhing murray in the semi's I am Thanks for the phone call I did pass your number to dad.

    love you xoxoxomom

  3. Alison, what an adventure in Venice, can't wait to see your pictures! Hope you are practicing your Italian. Happy 4th July.

  4. Alison, you just made my day. I have been checking you blog every day to see how you guys are doing and today finally I got your updates. I'm glad that you all enjoyed your trip to Venice. It was nice to hear from Boris on the bus home that you all enjoyed it and thanking me for setting it up. I'm glad to hear that training is going well and that the two teams are getting along so well. It sounds like you all decided to eat out at the end of the day and that it good. To be able to sample the local food is good too and less work for all of you. Can't wait to see you and your pics at the end of the summer. Tell Greg that I would really like for you and him to put something together for DVOA winter meeting to help repay their great support of you both for JWOC. Tell everyone I said Hi and run well. GO USA!

  5. Hey Alison! So exciting to follow your adventures! Can't wait to hear about everything from JWOC. Good luck to you and Greg, and everyone! Please save some stories and pics for the Briar Patch! Dasha

  6. Sounds like you're having an awesome time, Alison! Stay fast, and keep being an awesome representative of the USA! I look forward to hearing more of your success!

    Is there a website that we're able to watch any of JWOC? That'd be very cool.

    Alison's Mom: Try sending me another email at the account I linked with my name, I couldn't reply to your email address.

  7. Love your blog Alison! Good luck on Monday! I'll be anxiously waiting to see the results. :)

  8. hi Alison, thanks for calllng me the other day it was so nice to hear your voice. I hope the opening ceremonies are awesome. I hope dad takes alot of pictures. good luck this week. remember to run your own race. And remember all the things Liz told you. You can do it. I am so proud of you.
    Bobbie and Ed say hello and good luck as well,

    heather comes home tomorrow. I am sure she will have lots of stories.

    happy birthday Dad.

  9. Hi Al, I was on the link and saw the photos of the opening day. i say you!
    how cool is that. Very exciting. Looks like an interesting town.

    Hope you have managed to meet up with dad. Happy Birthday John, Love you and miss you both.

    Good luck this week and Run you own race. Visualize and focus and it's yours. xoxoxoxomom

  10. o.k. so Janet called me and said Dad was in the pictures too. OOops!
    I went back through them and guess what? Dad was all over the place!
    look'n Good, not a day over...... love you guys.

    Thanks for the call janet!

  11. Dayne, Corey, Chase, and ScottJuly 7, 2009 at 2:00 AM

    Hi Alison, Sounds like quite an adventure! Enjoy the updates! We wish you all the best in the JWOC races and above all have FUN!

  12. Nice sprint race today. It looked like fun from the map posted on the jwoc site. Another nice photo of you again today. Do you have a secret admirer that's snapping your picture all the time? Here's a memory for you, this day last year we were driving around Stockholm trying to find our hostel and Corinne was ready to kill me. Very fond memories for sure! and you are making many more again this summer without me, have a great time. GO USA!