Friday, July 3, 2009

Tuesday June 28th

We did two trainings again today. One was a long course with a big gorge in the middle so a lot of climb! It was crazy trying to get down the one side to get back to the finish. We then ate lunch at the side of the road and got to listen to all the cow bells. Ive never actually seen cows with cow bells on them it was such a funny thing! We also saw 4 of the Brits which was nice!
Our second training of the day was a short 2 person relay. However in between the relay and lunch it decided to start raining cold cold rain. So we all ran to the start and hid under trees while the first group went off. my partner was Eric Kemp. It was funny cus they started running and ran right through sheep and goats. Then gabe started to chase the sheep. I finally got to run and got caught in quite a few fences which was no good. We then got yelled at about being in the field just as i was finishing. OPS!!!
Afterwards we walked down into town. I got my first Gelato then :) it was very tasty!!!

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