Friday, July 3, 2009

Sprint, Sprint, Sprint! (thurs july 2nd)

Today we got to sleep in :)
Then we went and did 4 loops of sprints. It was amazing!!!! The little towns are great with so many little streets and tunels and such. It was so much fun to run through and i didnt have that many mistakes either! Was feeling very good, which i like! Can't wait for the JWOC sprint!
After wards we went and had lunch at home and hung out until about 6. At six we played a game of soccer with some Swedes from Borris' club. That was great fun!!! We won 6-5 i believe. It was very rocky and slippery on the field so people were slipping all over the place. but we had many laughs. Then they joined us for dinner at the Hotel.
After dinner we had a team meeting and then played sherades. OH man was that a blast! Randy wins the prize of best acting. He got the song Taylor the Latte Boy and they acutally got it! It was so funny all the USA girls were rolling around laughing. I had to leave the room for a bit to clam down. We were tied so had to do a 5 min death round. In the end the Canadians won :/

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