Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A long awaited update- yet not detailed

So i'm now in Scotland with my grandma. The rest of the trip has been great, just little time to get online.
I spent two days hiking in the Dolimites with Emily, Eric, Randy kemp and Angela. That was quite fun. Epic second day where there was quite a scary part going over the pass. The photos were great! we all got a bit burnt as well though, so not so good. Then afterwards we headed off to France. First night we spent in a hostle, then day on the beach in Nice and slept in the car. Then to Avignon and lyon. Then to Geneva and saw the UN.
Then flew to my cousins in Brighton. WE went around a trash power plant, and to his office. and i met his flatmate who is wonderful!
Then flew up to grans were i am now. Hill walked once. saw most of the family and went running. plus relaxed. Mom and heather come tomorrow (yay!) and dad on friday!!!!! Scottish 6-days start sunday and i can't wait! Then Denmark on the 7th!

Thats all i have time for now. More when i get a chance.

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